Friday, January 29, 2010

Producer Contest : Fresh Daily

So my man Fresh Daily is having a contest for all the up and coming producers. You're going to have to compete with me, because I'm going to kill this remix, but I will help and promote the cause.

You will be remixing Fresh's song "Video Gamin" on the album "The Gorgeous Killer In Crimes of Passion." It's an ill track, especially when he performs it with the AOK collective crew. When I met Fresh a while back he performed it while rocking our Lethal Inspiration LINY crew neck sweatshirt down at The Knitting Factory NYC before it closed down. Anyway, here's the link for the original song and the acapella.
Fresh Daily – Video Gamin’ (Original x A Capella)

If you want to check out the actual link for the official post for the contest, check this out.

-All is Love

Common Sense pt. 2

So I post debates on Facebook often and there was an interesting one I asked people to speak on the other day asking them to explain the meaning of Common Sense. After reading all of the comments, this was the most complete answer I found . . .

"I think there r two things being discussed which are 2 parts of common sense: 1 is the natural law and the other is what is commonly taught or held as a norm in a particular society. The natural law is that which is common to all humanity based on right reason. It is not something that is up for grabs or just a matter of is "universally binding". An example would be that murder is wrong (as in TJ's example). This is known as a certitude from the univerally natural law. Of course, some ppl will argue that there is no such thing as natural law...or that it is still a matter of opiinon...but to an honest and right thinking person, it is not a matter of simple opinion. Sometimes pple get rebellious and argue against any universally binding law...but this is just arrogance, pride, and/or lack of sound judgement. True law that is part of the natural law or derives from it is never a burden but an enhancement to true freedom and a protection for society against tyrrany and anarchy. People who want to escape all law or universal norms become enslaved to something...either their own passions or to someone else."

Dopeness. Stay tuned for updates.

-All is Love

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Common Sense

There's no such thing as common sense.

What's common to one man, may not be common to another.

Facebook challenge

OK, so as you can tell, I really haven't been blogging lately. The only way you can follow what I do is check my facebook status updates.

But anyway my Facebook challenge has been for the past week, which I'm trying to do for at least a month, hopefully forever, is to post in my updates at least once a day one blessing God has brought into my life.

Here was my post yesterday . . .
"I want to thank God today simply for the blessing of me having him in my life and recognizing/living my life according to the faith. Some people do not allow themselves to be succeptable to God's love and almighty power and do not recieve the peace they want. I'm glad that he has blessed me to take note of and work towards his infinite love and peace."

-All is Love

FEEL-X motto

"I'm not about attacking the mainstream, I'm about attacking the people."

Friday, January 15, 2010

Danger Room

We're living in the Danger Room. . .

Step on in Let's train and fight
4 wall boundaries of Bionic Life
Ready to attack right on first sight
it seems so real but ha ha sike!
this is the danger factory, ran by the danger faculty
Drama in every corner but it's really virtual reality
falsities projected into our brain
if you try to abort the mission then you're deemed insane - and
I'm running through the technical difficulties
The loophole in the system to find who I used to be
before family - society told me who I should be
and erased my memories at the weapon X facility
searching for humility in the midst of a cocky shell
project unbeatable image upon the world
mentally bound and spiritually at ease
adamantium core inside of F to the E
we're living in the danger room
a never ending fight and you cant assume
what's gonna happen next or face your doom
the stronger you get, the harder it fights you
this life is cruel - we got limited tools
just build your team and search for inner truth
in unison with the life that's beyond you
and in the end finally escape the danger room

WEAPON X . . . the 3rd mixtape is coming soon. Stay tuned.