Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feel-X interview with Black Ice Entertainment

So I was contacted a while back to be interviewed for this new blog from these guys at "Black Ice Entertainment" - I had met some of the members "Scott Free" and "Language Arts" at a Sipher down on 14th st. Union Square(or as we call it "Union") this past summer.

Black Ice commented on my work saying, "Feel X is a young artist and entrepreneur with the goal of revolutionizing the world. With interest in many different fields from fashioning to acting, Feel X is not only a hip-hop artist. Along with supporting friends and his partner Erik Forman, Feel X aims to better communities through positive influence. He has released several mixtapes, including “The Preface,” “Table of Contents,” “Weapon X,” and his latest mixtape, “About the Author.” All downloadable links can be found on Feel X’s personal blog"

All of this, along with asking the following questions.
1)You are from?
2)When and why and did you want to be a rapper?
3)What do you think about hip-hop and where it’s going?
4)Who are your 3 favorite hip-hop artists?
5)Who would you say are the best 3 artist out right now?
6)Who inspires or inspired you?
7)Pick one word that describes your style?
8)What makes you unique?
9)Why did you pick the stage name you have, and what does it symbolize?
10)If you had one thing to say to listeners, what would you say?

For full interview spread and links to see more about what Black Ice is all about, check out:

-All is Love